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    Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

    Coprod Mizuki No Drama

    Never give-up Duo Duo

    Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

    Cuo Dian Yuan Yang   Never Give up duo duo   Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

    Lan Ling Wang

    Bu Bu Jing Xin

    Bu Bu Jing Qing

    Lan Ling Wang   Bu Bu Jing Xin   Bu Bu Jing Qing

    Journey Of The Flower

    Love Me If You Dare

    Hua Mulan

    JOF   Love Me If You Dare   Hua Mulan

    Go Princess Go

    Sound Of the Desert

    Battle Of Changsha
    Go Princess Go   Sound Of the Desert Battle Of Changsha
    The Princess Wei Young
    Coprod Infinity Fansub
    Love in Time Hong Kong  
    Princess Wei Young Love In Time [Hong Kong]  


    Les Films : 

    The Man From Macau

    The Man From Macau 2

    Magic To Win

    The Man From Macau   The Man From Macau 2   Magic To Win

    My Lucky Star

    My Kingdom

    Time To Love

    My Lucky Star   My Kingdom   Time To Love

    Courageous Love

    The Secret

    Love O2O

    Courageous Love   The Secret

    Our Shining Days



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